Saturday, November 14, 2009


Seeking justice in times of chaos is not an easy task to undertake. Chaos comes in many different forms depending on the person and their particular circumstances. Maybe you have lost a job because your boss fired you, or you have been underpaid and are unable to pay your rent. A person's ability to pay their bills and keep food on the table is dependent upon their ability to receive a fair wage for a fair days work. Unfortunately some employers have a different opinion as to what is fair or they just don't care.

Employees should be given an uninterrupted lunch period and be paid for their overtime work. However, their are some employers that go to great lengths to take their employees time and not pay for it. We at the Wilson Trial Group are committed to bringing economic justice back to the employment market place. Taking on employers who fail to pay proper overtime or who fail to provide uninterrupted lunch periods is particularly fulfilling to us.

No one wants likes to have their property rights stolen from them, and that is exactly what is being taken from you when your employer fails to follow the wage and hour laws in California. Our mission is to bring these economic thieves to justice in Court, and expose their larceny. The only way to change these types of employers' conduct is to take them to court and punish them for the thievery they are committing. We at the Wilson Trial group are aggressive in championing your rights and look at it as an honor to prosecute your case.

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