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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


The Police were knocking at the door saying we have a search warrant open up the door. You are half asleep because it is 6:00 a.m. As you roll out of bed and approach the door, the knocking gets louder and their voices are elevating "Open the door now before we break it down!" You are thinking what the hell is going on. What you don't know is that the Police want you off balance and intimidated so that you will be in the right psycholigical mood for them to have their way with you.

As you open the door they barge in and ask you "Are you John Smith" What you don't know is that they have already downloaded your driver's licesne picture from DMV and they know exactly what you look like. When you say yes with a perplexed look on your face, they immediately think "We have him on the run." What happens next is critical to your freedom. If they had enough evidence to arrest you they would have a warrant for your arrest. Since they do not have an arrest warrant they do not have enough to "Hook You Up." What you don't want to do is answer any of their questions except your name, and identifying information.

If the Police start asking you questions about anything else you need to exercise your Constitutional rights to say "If you want to know anything else you will have to speak to my attorney. Next you will hear "If you have nothing to hide you won't mind talking to us." Your response should be, "I feel more comfortable with you talking to my attorney." Next, they will tell you that if you speak to them it will show you have nothing to hide and things will go alot easier. What they are really saying "Is if you talk to us it will be a lot easier for us to catch you or interpret what you said in a way that will allow us to hook you up." All the Police at your door want to do is "Hook you up." They live for that thrill. All you want to do is exercise your Constitutional rights that our forefathers bestowed upon our nation. Be proud to exercise your rights especailly your right to counsel.