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Thursday, May 10, 2007


While driving home from work Tom is stopped at a red light listening to the radio. It's about 8:20 p.m. and the traffic is light on the cross street. The light was red when he approached it and stopped. All of a sudden Tom is hit from behind very hard by another car. Tom's car is pushed out into the intersection from the force of the impact which also tosses him around inside the vehicle. The noise is horrendous from this car wreck and Tom is scared and in shock.

What happens next is critical to Tom's well being. Should he get out of the car in the intersection? Should he call the police? How does Tom handle what has just happened to him?

First of all make sure you are in a safe location if you can. It is not safe to be in the middle of an intersection. Move your car to a safe place if you can. Also get a visual description of the other car and driver in case they try to flee the scene of the car wreck. Don't try and be a hero if they do leave. Call the police right away and report the accident, what happened and ask for help. Write down the other car's license plate number, type, model, year, VIN number, and description of any damage. Write down the damage to your car. Get the other driver's insurance information, their driver's license information, the physical description and all other identifying data. Get the names and phone numbers and addresses of all witnesses. If you are hurt call for an ambulance and seek emergency medical treatment. Attend to others in your car or at the scene if they are hurt. Be a good citizen.

Tell the police exactly what happened, what your injuries are, if you need medical help or are going to get medical help, give them all of the information you have gathered, get their names, and ask for a report number and what station they are from. If you have a camera in your car take pictures of the cars, the location, the police at the scene and the other driver and their passengers.

If you need additional information on how to handle a traffic accident call a lawyer. Monitor yourself after an accident as many times injuries do not surface until later or they get worse after the accident. Be careful out there.