Friday, February 29, 2008


When you look for a trial attorney to handle your case be sure to find one who has been in the Courtroom in front of a jury. You want someone who will be able to present your version of the facts in an effective and realistic fashion. Also you should check to see if the trial attorney is able to devote enough preparation time to your trial.

During the trial its your attorney's job to question each witness in order to present your truth. Jurors are people and that means they not listen to everything that is being said. All you can do is hope that they will not be more absorbed in their own lives then in listening to your life. This is a reality in the Courtroom. After trial studies show that jurors do not always track the evidence and the testimonies and many times just want to get back to their own lives.

Should we expect jurors who are forced into service to want to take the extra time to review all of the evidence and the witnesses testimonies before they render a decision? Should jurors be paid more so they want to hear the case and deliberate? Should we look into establishing a system where sitting jurors are paid a premium to deliberate?

This is the best system in the world, but there is room for improvement. Post your comments on how we can improve the jury system so that all of the people and others can get a reasoned trial where the jurors want to listen to the evidence.

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