Wednesday, August 1, 2007


One of the valuable uses you can employ your attorney for is the review of contracts that you plan on signing. Although you may have a general familiarity with the terms in the contract, an attorney can give you insight into the legal significance of the terms and tell you what your obligations may be under the contract.

You can also have your attorney propose alternate terms and conditions more favorable to you. Its important that your attorney be given background information on the deal at hand, the players and the roles that everyone is going to assume. This will enable your attorney to tailor the terms to your advantage and try to protect you as best as possible.

The Law offices of Dennis Wilson provides contract review legal services. Dennis Wilson will meet with you in person and answer your questions, review your documents and provide alternate language if you want same. Additionally, Mr. Wilson will explain potential problems and benefits that he sees in the contract. No contract is bullet proof, but it helps to know where you might expect problems and where you can expect to maximize your benefits.

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