Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Real estate values in Burbank are currently stagnate or declining because of market conditions. There are big incentives for sellers to try and unload their houses on you and for buyers to try and take advanatage of you. It is extremely important in this market to make sure that you thoroughly check the property for defects and check the title for clouds. A good review of the sales contract is imperative.

Utilizing a Burbank attorney to help you with reviewing the various documents, contract and escrow instructions can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Have your attorney review the sales contract before you sign off on same. Your attorney can explain the details and tell you what everyone's obligations are in the transaction. You want to try and avoid litigation over potential breaches of contract, failures to disclose, buyers tying up your property and other related issues.

Remember, an hourly rate of $300 to review your documents and tell you what you need to do can save you the expense of a long and drawn out law suit. Real estate litigation can literally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and subject you to other costs and headaches. Play it smart and hire an attorney to help you. Burbank lawyers are there to help you and save you money and headaches.

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